Music plays an important role in child development.  Research shows that music improves children’s learning skills, cognitive development and ability to express emotions.

Aiming to stimulate multiple senses to optimize brain development in the early years, Little Green Music is a multiple intelligence music program that provides a rich sensory environment for young children to actively participate in age-appropriate musical activities, forging neural connections that give them lifelong benefits in almost every area of school, including reading and math.

Developed by music education specialists and educational psychologists, Little Green Music is a well-structured music education program that addresses the needs of today’s children and parents in Hong Kong.  It focuses on the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and language development of the young child.  Through songs especially written for this program, meaningful play, and fun-filled activities, important values will be instilled into the young children.

The program offers four levels of year-round learning where a variety of music genres and styles, composers, musicians, music vocabulary and concepts, and age appropriate instrument play are introduced.  Each term will have a theme with new songs, music repertoire and activities all centered round the theme.

At all levels, students will enjoy:
• The freedom to explore
• Discovering new abilities
• Meaningful play
• Group learning
• Age appropriate instrument play

At the end of each term, students will receive a report with class photos and words of encouragement based on their performance and progress signed by our President and curriculum advisor.  In addition, our curriculum advisor will attend some of the classes and make recommendation on those who would like to have gifted child assessment.

Certificate of Completion
Students who has completed any 2 terms of Little Green Music program will receive the certificate of completion and signed by our President and curriculum advisor.
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